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Places I want to visit while in Europe

  • Valencia, Spain Cadiz, Spain Cordoba, Spain Barcelona, Spain Santiago de Compostela, Spain Oviedo, Spain Bilbao, Spain Salamanca, Spain Segovia, Spain Dublin, Ireland Amsterdam, Netherlands Brussels, Belgium Fez, Morocco Tangiers, Morocco Prague, Czech Republic

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

  • Emma, Cheri, and Dani pose in front of the Mediterranean
    For Carnaval weekend in Spain, I went with my friends Dani, Emma, and Kerilyn to the island, Palma de Mallorca. We spent much of the time walking around the old part of the city and celebrating Carnaval Spain style.

Christmastime in Spain

  • La Catedral de Toledo
    For Christmas this year, Bryan flew to Spain to travel around with me for two weeks. We began our excursion in Ronda and continued the fun through the Costa del Sol, Granada, Madrid, and Toledo. Here are some highlights. . .

Lisbon, Portugal!

  • Sunset in Lisbon
    During the December Spanish holiday, to celebrate the country's return to democracy in 1975 after the Franco dictatorship, I spent the extra long weekend in Lisbon, Portugal. It was a gorgeous city with friendly people and an impressive amount of English speakers. I had the most delicious pastries here as well. They are known for them and for good reason. I was also lucky enough to be able to take a day trip to Sintra, a fairytale-like town northwest of Lisbon.

Cabeza del Buey, Extremadura - Spain

  • La salida del sol
    Cabeza del Buey, Spain Home Sweet Home. . .for the next 8 months. . .

Halloween Weekend in Plasencia

  • Halloween Chicas
    I decided to meet my Canadian friends and fellow Auxiliares de Conversacion, Emma and Danielle, in Caceres and then head to Plasencia (in the north of Extremadura) for Halloween weekend.

Badajoz, Spain

  • san juan cathedral
    My friend, Prado, invited me to spend the weekend with her in Badajoz. It is about two hours west of Cabeza del Buey and on the border of Portugal. Here are some of the sights . . .


  • What's nicer than a weekend in Sevilla! I had some free time and two very lovely ladies to accompany me to Sevilla in Andalusia for a long weekend. We stayed in The Backpackers Hostel, which I highly recommend and spent the time walking around everywhere we possibly could. Here are some of the highlights. . .

Mérida, Extremadura

  • Roses and Ruins
    I spent a weekend in the city, Mérida, which is in the Province of Badajoz about an hour and a half northwest of Cabeza del Buey by train. Mérida currently has about 55.6 inhabitants and used to be a very important stronghold of the Roman Empire. It was founded in 25 BC and is full of well preserved Roman ruins. Most notable is the Puente Romano (the Roman bridge) which is now a pedestrian bridge, and the Teatro Romano (roman theater), where they throw a classical theater festival every August.

Caceres, Extremadura

  • La Plaza Mayor por la noche
    I spent my first week exploring Caceres, which is located in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura. Most of the pictures show the Ciudad Monumental, the ancient part of the city center, along with the main plaza.